Pawn 101

What is a Pawn Shop?

Pawn shops are in the business of advancing loans that are secured against pledges of personal assets. Those assets could include anything from jewelry, watches, and gold, to silverware, electronics, and antiques. It is among the oldest forms of banking, with origins reaching back to China 3000 years ago.

Why Calvert Pawn?

Calvert Pawn provides a safe, efficient, way to obtain cash from your valuable items. When you pawn property you own, you are simply turning your goods temporarily back into cash. In effect, you are borrowing from yourself. No credit checks. No awkward questions to answer. No anxiety about unsecured credit or credit ratings, if the loan is not repaid. Your loan is secured by the items you pawned. You get cash without red tape through a straightforward transaction.

Advantages of Pawning:

* No credit checks
* Confidential service
* Instant cash
* Minimal paperwork
* Quick and easy

Sell or Pawn?

We Always Pay You Top Dollar!

We pay the same amount (the most we can) whether you are selling item outright or just want a pawn loan. Why? Because that is the right thing to do.

If there is an item you would like to keep and not sell we don't want to pressure you to make a decision you will later regret. So when you are not sure, pawn the item and retain the option to get it back in 30 days.

The more we loan the more we make when you pick it up, and if your selling it, it wouldn’t make sense to pay you less then if you pawned it!


We suggest doing this in the comfort of your own home. We will not take an item which we believe is linked to any account. 

Please back up and remove any personal information and pictures before pawn or sale. 

What Can I Pawn?

The Basics

We take a large selection of items, however we do not take just anything. We have to be a little fussy on what we take because we must be able to resell items that are not reclaimed.

Jewelry is #1

The #1 type of item pawned at any pawn shop is gold and diamond jewelry. This is true at  all pawn shops. We take all types of jewelry in any condition as long as it is made of Gold, Silver, or Platinum. Gold and Platinum are significantly more valuable then silver (about 70 to 1 ratio). Generally, condition does not matter, as long as it is genuine. We also except diamonds that are in a setting, no loose stones.

We also take most Swiss made watches, such as Omega, Rolex, Breitling, and Tissot, to name a few.

What Else?

Again, we accept a wide range of items such as:

Electronics: Laptops (win11 or higher), Apple tablets, Digital SLR Cameras,  Flat Panel TV (less then 2 years old, must have stand and remote), Lightly used testing equipment/meters, current model video game systems, Sony, XBOX, Nintendo. are a few examples.

Coins and Paper Currency: We buy silver coins (mostly 1964 and earlier) and old paper money. USA only!

Commercial Power Tools - Brands such as: Dewalt, Milwaukee, Makita, and Snap-0n. (no gas powered equipment at this time)

Musical Instruments: Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Amps, violins, flutes, trumpets, saxaphones, tubas, clarinets and more.

Antiques and Collectibles: If we think its cool and we can make money on it, we will probably take it.

Please feel free to call and ask us if we will accept an item. Please have it with you when you call to save time.


Please Read!

Generally speaking, most items should be within 2 years or less in age. IN ALL CASES, THE ITEM MUST BE FULLY FUNCTIONAL, WITH ALL KNOBS, DOORS, BUTTONS, CORDS, ANTENNAS ETC PRESENT AND WORKING!!!!!! IF YOU NEED TO TELL US ABOUT HOW SOMETHING EITHER DOESN'T WORK, OR SORTA WORKS, OR WORKS SOMETIMES, WE DO NOT WANT IT!!!!!! ALL ITEMS WILL BE TESTED FOR FUNCTION!!!!!! The reason we have to be so fussy is because if you don't come back we have to sell it. Items we accept are subject to change as is the amount we will loan. We do suggest that if you are bringing an item in to us, please take the time to dust it off and clean it up, if it needs it. Yes, it effects if we will accept an item and/or how much we might loan. We do not accept ALL brands and/or models of the above items for collateral, so we of course reserve the right NOT to take something, even if it is on this list!